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  • Wow! 5 star service! Matt & Mel provided me with complete professional customer service. They knew exactly what the were talking about and made me feel at home with their hospitality, netflix, snacks, and beverages. They put me in a new BMW for a great and affordable price. I never thought I would see myself owning a BMW at the age of 23, but New Age Auto made it happen, highly recommended.


    Shane M

    Yelp Review

  • New age auto went above and beyond my expectations. If you're looking for Professional, exceptional service, and quality cars this dealer has it all. The whole process is smooth and fast. Melanie and Matt  is very knowledgeable, answered all my questions and pure pleasure to deal with.  This dealer is not pushy/ no pressure at all and willing to work with you.  Highly recommended!


    Dexter B.

    Yelp Review

  • I was looking for my first car and it took me about three days of constantly meeting other dealers before I found this AMAZING place. They work fast, they are extremely friendly and they even have friken netflix in their front lobby so your impatient girlfriend can sit down and shut up. Lol. They offer water to ANYONE who walks in. They have a great selection of cars, and they sell fast. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this dealership to anyone who's looking for a extremely fair priced car. They will even clean it for you before you drive it! They gave me a great price on my car, and the fact that they were very patient when my bank only allowed a certain amount to be taken out per day, made the entire experience make me feel like buying a car is very easy. These are the kind of dealers that give used car dealer ships a good name. They even financed me with no credit. This place is really something special.


    Tyler R

    Yelp Review

  • Very courteous and professional. I was treated with respect and as a serious buyer as soon as I walked in the door. I did purchase a 3 series this weekend, unfortunately I was unable to purchase the car I wanted at this dealership because they do not accept trades. This is a very nice family owned business and I will defiantly consider  purchasing my next vehicle with them when I am in the market to buy a 3rd car. Overall I was very impressed with their knowledge, presentation and professionalism.



    Yelp Review

  • The atmosphere is beyond inviting. It's as of you have been transported into their own home. The style and comfort makes the car buying experience as unique as each one of their cars just waiting for it's forever home...


    Maureen C.

    Square Review

  • I had an awesome experience with Melanie and Matt, while considering purchase of a BMW 328 wagon. The minute I walked in, it just felt like a good place to do business.

    Melanie was transparent with answers to all my questions and very accommodating. In fact, they were willing to drive the car to my mechanic in Pasadena to get it checked out before purchase. How many dealers go that far to give customers a great experience? I was super impressed. 

    Ultimately, I decided to go with another make (non-BMW) that better fit my lifestyle. But I would highly recommend Melanie and Matt to anyone in the market for a quality used BMW. Truly exceptional people who run a business the right way.


    Denise X.

    Yelp Review

  • First rate, professional, courteous, great selection, honest & competitive pricing.  They are one of the best car dealers in Southern California as far as I'm concerned.  I dealt with Melanie & Matt, and I feel fortunate to have found them.  I got a great deal on an ultra clean BMW, which was my 7th German purchase (4 Benz, 3 BMW's).  I'm not an expert, but I've been around a showroom or 2 (this was my 18th vehicle to purchase since age 15). I love cars!  It's difficult to find a dealer who delivers great service and great pricing. If you're in the market for a pre-owned BMW, you MUST call New Age Auto. The experience went well from my initial inquiry to delivery.  The car was for my son, & Matt was very good at showing him the ropes at delivery.  Matt & Melanie are indeed BMW experts. They know what they're doing, and they are very kind & professional.  Thank you New Age Auto!


    Paul K.

    Yelp Review

  • My first car buying by myself and they made the experience so easy and quick! Beautiful cars for a low price! Most down to earth people with no pressure or haggling! Definitely recommend anyone looking for a car to pay them a visit, they treat you just like fam! Thanks for the bmw!


    Mark G.

    Yelp Review

  • I had previously written a review that expressed my disappointment in my initial experience.  However, since that time Matt reached out, followed through and I ended up buying a car from New Age Auto.  Low key environment with no pressure, Melanie was terrific knows what she is doing and Matt did a great job prepping the car and making sure it was what I expected.  Great experience and recommend going to them before one of the large dealerships.


    Randy H

    Yelp Review

  • Excellent experience with New Age and well worth the drive from L.A.!
    Melanie and Matt were highly professional and genuinely helpful nice people.
    They have a showroom full of hand selected and quality vetted vehicles that are all in generally excellent condition and aggressively priced.  
    The process couldn't have been any more pleasant and I wish them the continued success that they well deserve.
    When was the last time you thanked a car dealer?
    Thank you, Matt and Melanie!!



    Yelp Review

  • Perfect service! Really enjoyed the car buying experience. Super nice people. Very helpful.



    Yelp Review

  • I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything, it was truly a pleasure dealing with you and your husband. It was honestly the best car buying experience of my life, my son truly loves his car and his smile has been a fixture since we gave it to him. I dont wanna take up to much of your time, but I truly just wanted to say thank you for everything, also we've been telling all our friends about you, and they if ever buy another car again, it will be from you

    Thanks again


  • Best place to buy a car we stayed as late as possible no pressure put me first even through my difficulties made last minute changed and still was nice about it


    Jeneal D

    Yelp Review

  • First of all Matt is honest and very friendly . thank you for selling me the 3 series bmw . its been an amazing car.I would recommend this dealer to anyone. They treat you like a friend not a money sign. Thank you Matt


    Christian S.

    Yelp Review

  • After the many dealerships that i visited around town going through shaky, skeptical people.. i finally decided to dip out of my comfort zone and visit a Dealer out of town, and it paid off BIG. After driving 3 and a half hours, i was able to find Matt at New age Auto, and this guy knows how to take care of his people, i picked up a BMW 335i sport package, with 70k miles and it's all i could ask for, its in great condition inside and out and i got a great deal on the Purchase, i would recommend Matt from New Age Auto to anyone looking for a new used car, he carries nothing but class and it's exactly what you're looking for in the purchase of your new vehicle..Thanks again Matt for all the help and the Deal on my new car!


    Frank H

    Yelp Review

  • Sorry for the length, but a short review wouldn't do any justice...Take the time to read this and you won't go anywhere else. 

    IDK even where to begin. Mr and Mrs Kerr are phenomenal! I have purchased several cars in my day but have NEVER had an experience as good. Last month my boyfriend was t-boned and our car was totaled. We were limited on what we could afford due to having a newborn baby girl. So we had been looking online for what it feels like forever. Either we found a cheap car but it had way too many miles. Or it would have few miles but out of our price range. Then we found New Age Auto! 

    We fell in love with a 2008 BMW 535i. Not only was it low in miles but it was competitively priced. I was skeptical (not going to lie) so I asked what their policy was on restocking in case it didn't pass inspection from my mechanic. Mrs. Kerr explained to me they are not like big car dealerships and that they want to gain customers loyalty and trust. So she took it upon herself and offered to take the car personally to my mechanic (30mins away) and have it inspected and would not charge me for the state restocking fee of $500. Right away I was impressed! This is just unheard of.

    Of course the inspection passed with flying colors and my mechanic said it's the cleanest and most maintained used BMW he has seen and that if we want it to buy it right away. We went in a few hours later and met Mr. Kerr. I can't begin to describe how personable both of them truly are. It didn't feel like we were doing business or buying a car. They ran my credit and even suggested going with my insurance company USAA because he knew they gave better interest rates. Most dealers would try up-selling unneeded accessories, warranties and add additional fees that were not anticipated or expected. 

    That's just another thing, they are a smaller dealer and did not charge the "big guy" dealership fees so that saved us an additional $2000 if not more. At the end of all the paperwork I just wanted my current lease to be up so I can go back and buy another one of their luxury cars; which I will in 27 months LOL. It was such a great experience and if I have any friends or family in need of a car; I will definitely refer them to New Age Auto! 

    After this morning New Age Auto has gained another two loyal, happy and satisfied customers.  You guys rock and thanks for everything!

    -Niah & Marvin

    Yelp Review

  • Okay so my boyfriend and I were really stuck. We had to get into a vehicle quickly because our car was on its last leg. We had tried Carmax but after having the salesman try to sell us a car with a million warranties and high monthly payments we knew that we should look elsewhere. They were definitely the same kind of pushy salesmen we had gotten used to dealing with in our search.

    When I saw that New Age Auto had the Fiat 500 Gucci limited edition, I had to see it.
    We set up an appointment and I have to say we were skeptical of buying something from a small shop, we had heard all the horror stories. We drove two hours from La Jolla to see it at the showroom. 

    As soon as I walked in our fears melted away!! Melanie and Matt are genuinely nice people with none of the pushy tendencies that we had experienced looking for a vehicle thus far. The shop was clean and comfortable. They showed us the car, which was in immaculate condition, were very helpful and upfront with our financing options, explained all of our questions and concerns away, and when we said we needed time to think about what we could afford, were more than understanding. When I called back a few hours later, Matt had actually gone to bat with the creditors to get us an even better interest rate then when we had left only a few hours before! Needless to say they made our first car buying experience a real pleasure and they have made lifetime customers out of us! Thanks Matt and Melanie


    Christian F.

    Yelp Review

  • Matt is a great stand up dude. Extremely hospitable. Helped me when i was in needed and offered great deals and advice. Definitely a hard-working guy that puts customer needs before anything. Definitely recommend!


    Jeffrey S.

    Yelp Review

  • 5 stars speaks for itself, I came with very specific car buying needs that I had little confidence in achieving anywhere.  However, over a couple week process New Age Auto assisted and directed me with all ends of purchasing my '14 Cadillac CTS coupe.  They not only gave me the best price in the market, but lended there assistance in all areas of the auto ownership plan.  They even offered their assistance for any future needs for my Cadillac.  At the end of the day they brought me the car I had imagined for years at no stress and had me driving away with a head full of confidence!


    David B.

    Yelp Review

  • Why even contemplate going anywhere else when you can work with Matt and Melanie and have them find your car? 100% integrity, honesty and no pressure! It is, without a doubt the best and most transparent car buying experience I have experienced.



    Yelp Review

  • We had an amazing experience with New Age Auto. The customer service is superb and Matt and Melanie are very honest and straight forward. Highly recommended! We will be recommending them to our friends and family!



    CarGurus Review

  • Best car buying experience ever. Melanie and Matt run a customer-focused business. I didn't feel the pressure that is typical of car dealerships. Usually I drive away from a car purchase feeling like I was pressured into buying and paid too much. Not the case here. I will definitely return for my next used car. I had done my homework before coming, and knew I was getting a great deal. Melanie and Matt run a great family business. This is a place I will tell my friends about. Thanks guys for making the whole experience enjoyable.


    Kevin M.

    Yelp Review

  • My father and I had the most wonderful experience working with Matt and Melanie. They helped me find my first car! We had no problems and they made us feel comfortable and answered all the questions that we had. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a nice used car! Very happy with the whole experience.


    Kyra S.

    Yelp Review

  • What a wonderful experience. Mel and Matt were very upfront about everything, They answered all my questions and never made me wait for any reason. They were very patient and did not pressure me what so ever! I was able to get and fantastic deal on a vehicle that I LOVE!!! Thank you again!



    CarGurus Review

  • Friendly & informative, will recommend to others.



    CarGurus Review

  • small family business, we bought my moms car here and the service was great, owner, Matt went above and beyond taking care of us. We actually bought a car from him a year ago from another dealership and found out that he opened his own store! Matt is our go to guy. Highly recommended


    Jessica G.

    Google Review

  • I can not say enough about this dealer. Matt and Melanie who own/run this biz are strait forward, honest and go above and beyond for the customers. Their new type of boutique style of selling cars is what the Industry needed. We will be repeat customers!


    Julia S. and Rodri

    Cargurus Review

  • Honestly, you never know, initially, what to expect from dealerships, let alone independent dealerships; however, New Age Auto excels in customer service and customer satisfaction. I found them on CarGurus (a website I never head of) and to my amazement they had a 5 star rating, which usually means it's a good thing. Right? Well amazingly our, my family's experience was nothing short of enjoyable. When shopping for a car, one can get restless with all the hidden fees, which just becomes into a throbbing headache. Alas, New Age Auto is the place to go for all the BMW enthusiasts looking for a well-maintained vehicle. Shop with assurance and confidence, and forget about that headache from other dealerships. Matt and Melanie are there to make sure the customer is happy. Thank you!!!


    Geovanny R.

    Yelp Review

  • These two were the most friendliest people I've met. Im glad I bought my car here. Had to change my brakes and rotors few days later and they covered the whole thing the same day. Awesome


    Devon Bradley

    Yelp Review


  • I've never had a better experience with any other dealership in my life! They treat you like family and they make sure you are very happy with their service. Melanie and Matt also brought a lot of intelligence in my first car buying experience as well. Overall they deserve every star on this review. I would give them 10 stars if I could! I will be recommending a lot of friends to this dealership and will be bringing them my business again in the future. I'm more than happy with my purchase, the experience, the deal and the great customer service from them! They are great! SAY HELLO TO MY NEW 320i :-)

    Taryn Smith

    Yelp Review

  • Matt & Mel were easy to work with for my 3-series purchase. No pressure, very knowledgeable, in and out in about an hour.  I felt like I got a good deal.  They followed me home and gassed up the car.  Hopefully the car will have some longevity.

    Bryan H.

    Yelp Review

  • This is how a car dealership need to be! There are numerous points why I feel this way and I recommend this dealership in a heartbeat :

    1) Matt clearly has customer needs in the forefront: although he is in the business on making money selling used cars, he is able to do that with customer in focus all the time. I had very specific needs and budget constraints but he worked with me for 2 weeks for find a right car.

    2) he has open approach to business: no hidden costs or hidden agendas.

    3) honest: clearly lays out all issues with the vehicle upfront. Doesn't try to push the car on you.

    4) goes beyond selling the car: his service doesn't end with selling the car; he is willing to act as a concierge for future needs for the sold vehicle- upgrades, service, repairs, etc. I haven't experienced that yet, but he left me with that promise and understanding.

    5) low overhead means attractive pricing: Matt and Mel manage their business with little overhead and hence are able to sell at great price. Win-win for both. I had extensively researched at dealers and on the web, but found the best prices here in a 100 mile radius.


    Hemant M

    Yelp Review

  • It was a pleasure working with Matt, Melanie and Allie.  I love the car and the service I received. Thank you guys. I will definitely put the word out


    Kina A


    Yelp Review

  • Very friendly and professionals



    CarGurus Review

  • Great, genuine people with awesome deals.



    CarGurus Review

  • I had a wonderful experience with Matt and Mel. I just moved into the California area and they helped me get the vehicle that catered to my needs and my budget. I would highly recommend doing business with them because they are individuals with high integrity and good customer service.


    Ken S.

    Yelp Review

  • Bought a 3 series with new age auto and the experience was great, the transaction was very smooth and the customer service was excellent. We got a great deal with the car and overall everything was amazing, so much different from other dealers! Finally a dealer you can trust and feel confident buying a car! Highly recommended


    Saul M

    Yelp review

  • Man what can I say this was a perfect way to go on my first car purchase ,
    Very easy to talk to 
    Pointed me in the right direction and really took care of me in my visit 
    I knew within the first 10 mins I was gonna purchase a car from new age auto 
    If you honestly want a good car for a good price this is the place
    I really recommend this up and coming place 
    Check it out !!!

    Damien D.

    Yelp Review

  • The owners Matt and Mel are SO nice! They literally run their business to help you out. No dealer fees, low jack fees, or any other random fees. Best prices around. I got my beautiful 5 series from them, and I'm strictly a Mercedes guy--- but this deal for a new 5 series was too good to pass up. 

    Do yourself a favor and come here first. Just make sure you have an appointment!


    Zachary C.

    Yelp Review

  • My husband and i visited this place on this Memorialday to look for a car for my son.
    we visited several private dealer on that weekend.Finally we can buy a very good condition and good priced 2004 BMW 5 series here.These young couple was honest.they are very trustable. They are so kind.they do work really well.They do every process(paper works) including DMV work clearly. My son is enjoying to drive. We appreciate everything you did for us. We want to have a business with The New Age Auto again next.
    Thank you.


    Kate O

    Yelp Review

  • bought a used 2005 Jetta from New Age Auto, we were in and out quick, its a small operation, we dealt directly with the owners Matt and Mel. we got the best price, no dealer fees and other extra fees that most dealers charge. Car is great, will definitely come back again if I need to buy another car in the future!

    Lily D

    Yelp Review

  • New Age Auto gave me the car I wanted, Quick, easy, down to business but also very friendly and professional. Highly recommended!


    Justin G

    Yelp Review

  • small family business, we bought my moms car here and the service was great, owner, Matt went above and beyond taking care of us. We actually bought a car from him a year ago from another dealership and found out that he opened his own store! Matt is our go to guy. Highly recommended

    Jessica G

    Yelp Review

  • Matt was wonderful to work with.  He provided Carfax and Autocheck to ensure we were getting a quality vehicle.  With his low overhead, Matt is able to pass on savings to the customer with no extras or hidden fees, so we got a great price on a Prius and couldn't be happier.  We will definitely refer New Age Auto to friends and family!

    Marshall K

    Yelp Review

  • Small mom and pop dealer, great customer service I got a 2002 bmw 325 for a deal, lowest price I've seen. Transaction was smooth, no pressure, Matt the owner was great.


    Rich D

    Yelp Review

  • Contacted Matt, on a BMW 330i, and he was very prompt on returning my text messages regarding the vehicle. Went to go see the car the very next day, Matt, is very friendly and was eager to answer my questions in regards to the BMW. The car was very clean, and more importantly, Matt, had a lengthy history report of maintenance on the BMW (Any potential buyer for a Euro car knows that goes a long way) The whole buying experience was incredibly smooth, and Melanie (Matt's Fiance) is also very nice and is helpful as well. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking to purchase a car, to go down and visit New Age Auto! You will not be disappointed, with the quality service you will receive.


    Anthony G

    Yelp review

  • mr matt is really good dealer to deal with and he is really honest


    Souq S.

    Yelp Review

  • Came into New Age Auto looking for a reliable and affordable car. And I came out with exactly what I wanted! I love my new car purchase! If you want honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service, schedule an appointment and you will not be disappointed! Before you know it you'll have keys in your hand and a big a grin on your face! Thanks New Age Auto for making my first new car purchase quick and easy!


    Brandin A.

    Yelp Review

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